Silvi Marina

Siamo a due passi da luoghi incantevoli

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Developed mostly along the coast, Silvi Marina offers, for its entire length, a promenade ideal for taking walks, to slow the rhythm, stop in one of the many bars, and enjoy an ice cream or a refreshing drink. There are many shops that color the street, and just as many restaurants and pizzerias where you can appreciate typical dishes based on fish, in addition to more traditional dishes.

All this, of course, a few steps from the beach. Naturally the reference points and meeting places are plazas, redesigned in recent years by local artists and in which there are usually parties, events, and activities organized throughout the summer. As always it’s on the waterfront that most of the summer social life takes place which, also thanks to several “notti bianche”, draws, in addition to the 150,000 tourists from the nearby areas, also large groups originating from the whole touristic district.

At about 250m above sea level, overlooking the northern area of Silvi Marina, is situated the most historical area of the countryside.

Silvi Alta, which has its roots in medieval times, Is a quaint old town, devoted mainly to historical reconstruction and cultural events throughout the whole arc of the beautiful season. It also offers one of the finest viewpoints to be admired in Italy: to describe in words the emotion that is given as the eye takes in a panorama that stretches from Marche to the extreme south of Abruzzo is very difficult.

It is necessary to be there,look out and breathe; the marvel arrives and leaves you speechless!

Silvi and the nature

To counter the maritime summer life that is perhaps a bit hectic and chaotic, in Silvi it’s possible to search for silence and beauty, diving into the opportunities in nature offered by the country.

At the northern border, in fact, they recently founded the Marine Park of Cerrano, which allowed an explosion of fauna and flora, especially in protected areas, fully accessible by the public.

There are hundreds of marine species that find a perfect habitat in the stretch of sea close to the Torre Cerrano (the fact that small and rare Trivia multilirata chosen as the emblem of the park itself, has returned and are seen more frequently, signifying the presence of the coral on which it lives and, therefore, the quality of the water) and it is probably there where a dolphin encounter is most coveted.

Its confidence with humans is becoming increasingly common as are the sightings thanks to the abundance of food. On the sand dunes of the park and the pine forest just behind the beach, there are many birds that nest and stay for the summer; in recent years it’s been revealed the happy discovery that the Plover, a small bird at risk of extinction, chose these shores to nest and breed. With a little luck, in the first hours of the sunrise you can watch it as it moves away from the nest and approaches the shore, looking for his meal.

The edge of the town of Atri is also a WWF Protected Area, which protects one of the most spectacular landscapes of the area, that of the ravines. The various activities like trekking, bird watching, cycling, …can be combined nature, landscape, and birdlife photography; perhaps trying to capture the Kingfisher on the Piomba River or colorful Bee-eaters that spend the summer on the cliffs of the ravines.

There are also numerous summer activities offered by the two centers, with night tours, horseback riding, etc.. for a full immersion, but always respectful in nature.